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* This screening test is only available in selected areas where specialists administer it. Please contact Dawn Heil at mec@mectest or 800-416-8378 with any questions. If you have a form from a school or child facility, please complete it, attach payment, and return it to your administrator.

The ACHIEVEMENT SCREENING TEST provides a computer generated report in the areas of reading, math, and spelling. It specifies a grade and/or age score for each of these academic areas based on the performance of the child. Although this can be given as young as four, it is best when students are doing some simple reading, math, and spelling tasks to get a good picture. The difference between the Brief Achievement Screening Test and the Kindergarten Readiness Screening Test is that an achievement screening will give an estimated age/grade score and a readiness screening will only evaluate the skills necessary for kindergarten readiness.

This is recommended to be given with the BEHAVIORAL RATING SCALES and LEARNING STYLES INDICATOR to give even a better profile of the overall student. If given with the INTELLECTUAL ABILITIES SCREENING, it can compare the aptitude or potential to the actual achievement performance of the child.

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