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The CONNORS RATING SCALE is a widely used behavioral rating scale to identify any high risk behavioral skills in the areas of oppositional, cognitive problems/inattention, hyperactivity, and an ADHD index. Although this is a good indicator of possible Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, it is only a screening and not a diagnosis. Detailed recommendations and suggestions will be given to better understand how to change some of the behavioral concerns. Many children may have some of the characteristics of ADHD but with some changes and consistency shown by all of the caregivers, significant growth may be observed. If a teacher is unavailable to do a rating scale, another adult caregiver or even a group leader in another setting can complete the teacher form. The behavioral areas include:

  • Oppositional - high scores demonstrate a problem in cooperation and acceptance of rules (argumentative, not taking responsibility for own actions, denying mistakes, annoys others, angry, loses temper, does not follow rules)
  • Cognitive Problems/Inattention - high scores may indicate learning difficulties with problems in concentration (distractible, easily frustrated, in-completed assignments, difficulty in learning, poor organizational skills, needs supervision, forgetful)
  • Hyperactivity - high scores show a negative amount of excess energy (impulsive, squirmy, excitable, continually moving, interrupts others)
  • ADHD Index - high scores are a combination of factors from other scales suggesting some "Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactivity Disorder" characteristics which may be further evaluated (frustration, incompletion of tasks, restlessness, disturbing others, distractible, disorganized, attends only if very interested).

In addition to the individual recommendations, helpful general suggestions are also given to help all children as well as a list of reference books and possible referrals are provided. It is a good way for parents and teachers to work together to improve the behaviors of the child.

*When done through a school or childcare facility, the screener will also do an individually given screening test so the child can be observed in a quiet setting when the test is done individually. A separate behavioral checklist will be done by the administrator and analyzed as part of the evaluation. Please refer to the parent form and complete with payment to be given to the facility. For questions, call Dawn Heil at 800-416-8378).*

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