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By understanding a child’s brain style, a parent and teacher can assist in the overall learning of the child. If the child is left brained dominant, analytical skills tend to be stronger. They learn more by remembering facts, details, names, or specific words with time and structure being important. They like when adults just tell them specifically what they want with short sentences told to them. Those who are right brain dominant show strengths in comprehensive skills by remembering faces, lyrics, main ideas, creative aspects with time and structure being less important. They like when adults tell them stories with pictures and lots of creativity. 

This is so important to know so when adults are teaching, disciplining, and talking to children, they can address this style. The report rates each style after a checklist is completed by the parent or teacher. Then the styles are described and ways are given to help each child to develop both sides. Many times children are in situations where being overly strong or weak in a specific brain style may interfere with critical learning. Often in education, classrooms are more comprehensive in the early years and more analytical as they grow older. In later elementary school, students are often required to listen to a teacher and are evaluated by remembering specific facts or details. If the student has not developed the left brained style, school can be frustrating and difficult. This is done at home by the parent or at school by the teacher then evaluated after it is returned. 

This is also very effective when paired with the PARENTING and/or the TEACHER STYLE INDICATORS. When adults who are helping children learn are aware of their own styles, they can adjust better. 

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