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* This test is only available in selected areas where specialists administer it. Please call Dawn Heil to discuss this at 847-854-0348. If you have a form from a school or child facility, please complete it, attach payment, and return it to your administrator.*

This First Grade Readiness Skills Test was designed to show strengths and to identify some specific needs of children entering first grade. Although many kindergarten children may have acquired most of these skills by age six, it is not necessary to have mastered all of these to be ready for first grade. This information should be added to the school records, teacher and parent observations, and other tests given to provide a total picture.

Each student will complete tasks either orally or with pencil/paper in the areas of reading, spelling, and math. They will need to understand the concept of large/capital and small/lower case letters of the alphabet as well as be able to sequence letters, say some sounds, read some words, and comprehend a simple story in reading. In spelling, they will write letters as well as simple words. Then in math, they will do simple written problems, write numbers, sequence numbers, and understand some simple story problems. 

The report will rate each skill as mastered, continued learning needed, or direct instruction is recommended plus pages of grade appropriate skills both academically and developmentally are included. The overall score will give an age equivalent, percentage, stanine score, and functioning level from low to high. If the child is too young to start first grade in the fall but may been accelerated in kindergarten or may have potential to skip the kindergarten year, this can be also applied to the norms of the child’s age as well as the age of those going to first grade soon. This will give parents and teachers a picture of the student’s academic level when compared to those students starting first grade in the fall. Of course, there is more than the academic performance to consider when a child enters first grade so the BEHAVIORAL RATING SCALE is highly recommended to also do if overall behavioral skills are a concern.

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