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* This screening test is only available in selected areas where specialists administer it. Please contact Dawn Heil at mec@mectest or 800-416-8378 with any questions. If you have a form from a school or child facility, please complete it, attach payment, and return it to your administrator.

A Kindergarten Readiness Screening is done to help prepare a child for kindergarten. This report will focus primarily on readiness skills needed for kindergarten and will also include age appropriate strengths and needs (this should be done with children entering kindergarten in the fall.) This is especially effective when done with the Behavioral Rating Scale.

It can be a good way to pinpoint skills which may need to be enriched before kindergarten placement. When given before kindergarten placement, this report specifies which critical skills are mastered and which ones need additional exposure. Other objectives are also included for ages four to six years old in other areas of learning. 

This is a very comprehensive screening test, examining skills in pre-reading and math as well as fine motor, language, sequencing, and following directions. The child must listen to directions, then complete tasks with paper and pencil or verbally. Some of the tasks can be done in a small group but most are administered individually. It is an excellent way to better determine if a child is ready for kindergarten or to know what skills should be enriched before entrance. This information should be added to what the teacher is observing in the classroom, how the child works/plays in groups, and other tests which may be given. 

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