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Although it is best for a trained specialist to administer these screening tests, we offer online the option for parents or teachers to give this screening test to their children. Additional suggestions are provided to assist non-professionals to do this with cautions on the report that the validity and reliability may be compromised due to the way it was administered. Because it is scored and reported by an Educational Diagnostician, the child’s performance can be effectively evaluated if the administrator is careful not to coax or to overly assist. It can be a good way to pinpoint skills which may need to be enriched before kindergarten placement. When given before kindergarten placement, this report specifies which critical skills are mastered and which ones need additional exposure. Other objectives are also included for ages four to six years old in other areas of learning. 

This is a very comprehensive screening test, examining skills in pre-reading and math as well as fine motor, language, sequencing, and following directions. The child must listen to directions, then complete tasks with paper and pencil or verbally. Some of the tasks can be done in a small group but most are administered individually. It is an excellent way to better determine if a child is ready for kindergarten or to know what skills should be enriched before entrance. This information should be added to what the teacher is observing in the classroom, how the child works/plays in groups, and other tests which may be given. 

*When done by a specialist (only available in select cities—please contact Dawn Heil at 847-854-0348 to discuss or return the parent form to the facility), the results are more objective and valid. It can be a very important piece of the puzzle when deciding on fall placement.*

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