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Activities, interests, skills, and abilities are analyzed so dominant personality types and special talents can be described. This indicator can be important in a child’s success not only in school but for life. As personality qualities are identified, children can become more confident and talented in their interactions with others. Parents can mold and model these personality types so it is also important to do the Personality Indicator (for parents) to identify their own personality and talent characteristics influencing parenting and learning. It is common for young children to change personality qualities so it is good to have it done often through their lives. In families, personalites can complement one another or create tensions. If these are understood early, each person can add valuable contributions in making decisions, developing plans, creating emotional stability, and pursuing happiness within the family.

Over the years, people are influenced by physical environments, cultural experiences, and personal interactions. People generally attract those who are similar in interests and personalities. They search for complimentary work and social environments to feel safe and happy. Through learning, each person chooses certain activities, then develops strong interests, and eventually creates a unique disposition towards making choices in all aspect of life. Careers and occupations should be chosen from a desire or interest rather than convenience or monetary reward. Lifelong decisions can be planned when personalities are analyzed and how they relate to activities, competencies, occupations, and self estimates.

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