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There are specific preferences when teaching which may or may not be effective with students. Careful observation and re-examination should be done on a continual basis. Overall, teaching styles can be analytical (sequential, logical, left brain dominant) or comprehensive (simultaneous, global, right brain dominant). A more left brained or analytical teacher may present information more with dates, facts, details, and by lecturing as well as testing by filling in the blanks, using true/false, and answering fact based questions. Right brained or comprehensive teachers may encourage the students to be creative, use artwork, and test by completing a sentence or interpreting questions in more of a narrative form. Although this is only a theory, there is ongoing research which looks at learning theories as they relate to brain dominance. Teachers need to develop specific teaching styles related to their own learning styles and the learning style of the students. The report will identify stronger and weaker styles as well as discuss ways to teach all styles in a group setting. Because classrooms have a multitude of styles, teachers should concentrate on using both brain styles when teaching. Teachers should also help their children to identify strong brain and learning styles so they can learn using these. The weaker ones should be practiced when reviewing mastered work. This is important for all ages and grades. 

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